About the Whisky16

The Whisky16 is an agile sea kayak designed for Point65 by Nigel Foster.
Full bow and stern reduces plunging
Generous rocker for ease of control in rough water.
Ideal play-boat for kayak confidence and control near the impact zone, for fun in surf and in tidal currents

Now available in roto-molded PE (polyethylene

Kristin "krikri" Nelson

On gentler water the Whisky 16 is comfortable, easily maneuvered, and stable.
It inspire confidences. It is an ideal boat in which to develop skills.


With ample capacity for self contained expedition paddling,
the Whisky16 comes into its own for exploring the narrow passages and negotiating awkward corners
Nimble turning is a delight.

The Whisky16 has two large oval hatches,
a large round day hatch behind the cockpit for access to items while on the water.
An additional small round "Whisky-hatch" in front of the cockpit opens into an under-deck compartment; useful for those small items you want to keep handy!


The padded cockpit comes with an ergonomically designed seat, functional and comfortable AIR lumbar support, thigh contact for rough water play.
The compass recess on the deck takes a Silva/Brunton 70P compass which is optional.
The Whisky16 comes standard with a retractable skeg and adjustable footbraces.
For those who enjoy a rudder, it is also available with a fitted rudder.

Mount Rainier... floating like a cloud!
(Joel Rogers image)

Construction and Statistics;
Vacuum-bagged fiberglass.
Length 16 feet / 488cm
Width 22 inches / 56cm
Weight 53 lbs / 24kg
Capacity 342 lbs / 155kg
Cockpit 31 x 16 inches / 76 x 41cm
Front and aft hatches 17 x 10 inches / 4 x 26cm
Day hatch diameter 7.9 inch / 20cm
Front (Whisky-hatch) diameter 6 inches / 15cm

See Nigel explain the W16 on YouTube

Serving suggestion; take your Whisky with water or add a splash. We don't recommend Whisky on the Rocks...

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